Hosted Call Center
Hosted Call Center

Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

iTeraTEL's hosted call center solutions offer a cost effective feature rich solution that’s designed to meet and exceed the expectations of any small to medium size business.

Hosted Call Center

Your call center is a key focus to improving the customer experience and enhance loyalty. Using the latest cloud technology, iTeraTEL can give your call center agents a fresh set of tools to provide faster, better service to customers.

Cloud-based Call Center that Covers your Business Needs and Delivers Results


Complete Control & Access - The quick access web portal allows you to make changes on the fly at any time. Modify your messaging and prompts to deliver better results. The portal also provides detailed calling reports and a supervisor dashboard.


Reduce Costs & Increase Productivity - There are no costly phone systems, hardware or software to purchase. We supply, implement and manage the entire system allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Reliability - Systems are maintained and monitored 24/7/365 so you receive maximum availability and security for your data.


Scalability - Subscribe to only the amount of capacity your business requires and make additions as your business needs grow or change.


Reliability – In the event of a system failure or local power outage, SIP trunking providers can automatically reroute services to other locations, cell phones or wherever you desire.


Key Features

Call center agent

Local Agents

Call centers have become critical to the success of many businesses. Local agents can log in to one or several queues at the same time and start helping your customers right away.

call center report

Advanced Reporting

Real-time reports on call flows and statistics help you improve call center operations and agents' performance. iTeraTEL's advanced call statistics provide insights on how calls were distributed, the average success rate, average call duration, hang-up causes, failed calls, top telephony users etc.

Remote Agent

Remote Agents

Remote agents can connect from any phone on the public telephone network, such as mobile. Once authenticated, they will be logged into the queue and behave like local agents.

Smart Call Queues

Smart Queues

History-based queue routing takes your customer experience to a whole new level. Smart Call Queues automatically connect callers to the agent they last talked to. It also tells you how long customers have been waiting in the queue and transfer their calls to a manager, in case they waited for too long.

call center supervisor


Gain better control of your call center flows by viewing detailed reports or listening to active conversations. Queue supervisors can also whisper to agents or barge in the call, which is particularly useful when training new agents or assisting them with difficult conversations.

Why iTeraTEL Hosted Call Center?

 iTeraTEL’s offerings provide benefits like lower infrastructure maintenance costs, flexible agent staffing, and quick time to deploy.
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